In progress (email for current version):

“What I Probably Should Have Said about Epistemic Modals”

“What are We Doing When We’re Doing Semantics?”

“Expressivism, Truth-Conditions, and the Project of Semantics”

“Expressivism, Quietism, and Fundamental Error: Reply to Blackburn”

“Self-Locating Belief” (for the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, with Mike Titelbaum)


“De Se Pragmatics”, Philosophical Perspectives

“De Se Relativism” (with Dirk Kindermann), to appear in Martin Kusch ed., The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Relativism

In print:

“Might Do Better: Flexible Relativism and the QUD” (with Bob Beddor) Semantics and Pragmatics preprint

“Non-Ideal Food Choices” (with Tyler Doggett) Chignell, Cuneo and Halteman ed.s, Philosophy Comes to Dinner, Routledge

“Delusion: Cognitive Approaches - Bayesian Inference and Compartmentalization” (with Martin Davies), The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Psychiatry

“There’s Something Funny about Comedy: A Case Study in Faultless Disagreement” Erkenntnis preprint

“Relativist Dispositional Theories of Value” Southern Journal of Philosophy preprint

“Comments on Jonathan Cohen, The Red and the Real” Analytic Philosophy preprint

“How We Feel about Terrible, Non-Existent Mafiosi” (with Tyler Doggett) Philosophy and Phenomenological Research preprint

“Comments on Gendler, ‘On the Epistemic Costs of Implicit Bias’” Philosophical Studies preprint

“Epistemic Modals and Epistemic Modality” (with Brian Weatherson) Epistemic Modality, Egan and Weatherson, eds., Oxford University Press

“Relativism about Epistemic Modals” Blackwell Companion to Relativism, Steven Hales, ed., Wiley-Blackwell

“Projectivism Without Error” Perceiving the World, Bence Nanay, ed., Oxford University Press

“Disputing about Taste” Disagreement, R. Feldman and T. Warfield, eds., Oxford University Press

“Imagination, Delusion, and Self-Deception” Delusions, Self-Deception, and Affective Influences on Belief-formation, T. Bayne and J. Fernandez, eds., Psychology Press

“Billboards, Bombs and Shotgun Weddings” Synthese preprint

“Pretense for the Complete Idiom” Nous preprint

“Seeing and Believing: Perception, Belief Formation, and the Divided Mind” Philosophical Studies preprint

“Wanting Things You Don’t Want: The Case for an Imaginative Analogue of Desire” (with Tyler Doggett) Philosophers’ Imprint

“Quasi-Realism and Fundamental Moral Error” Australasian Journal of Philosophy preprint

“Some Counterexamples to Causal Decision Theory” Philosophical Review preprint

“Epistemic Modals, Relativism and Assertion” Philosophical Studies preprint

“Review of Maria Baghramian, Relativism” Mind

“Appearance Properties?” Nous preprint

“Secondary Qualities and Self-Location” Philosophy and Phenomenological Research preprint

“I Can’t Believe I’m Stupid” (with Adam Elga) Philosophical Perspectives preprint

“Epistemic Modals in Context” (with John Hawthorne and Brian Weatherson) Contextualism in Philosophy, Preyer and Peter, eds., Oxford University Press

“Pranksters’ Ethics” (with Brian Weatherson) Philosophical Perspectives

“Second-Order Predication and the Metaphysics of Properties” Australasian Journal of Philosophy preprint

Interwebs-only specials:

“A Puzzle about Perception” (with James John)

Comments on John MacFarlane’s Assessment Sensitivity (from 2016 APA Central author-meets-critics session)