Andy Egan


Contact Information:

Department of Philosophy

Rutgers University

1 Seminary Place

New Brunswick NJ 08901-1107



Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1999-2004.

Thesis: Non-Standard Features  Supervisor: Stephen Yablo

M.A., University of Colorado-Boulder, 1997-1999.

Thesis: How to Count Cats  Supervisors: Daniel Stoljar, Adam Vinueza

B.A, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1989-1993.

Professional Appointments:

Professorial Fellow, Arché Philosophical Research Centre, Fall 2010-present.

Associate Professor, Rutgers University, Fall 2009-present.

Assistant Professor, University of Michigan, Fall 2005-Spring 2009.

Postdoctoral Fellow, Australian National University, January 2004-June 2007.

Lecturer, Western Washington University, Fall 2003.

Areas of Specialization:

Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics

Areas of Competence:

Decision Theory, Epistemology, Metaethics



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An earlier version appeared in MIT Working Papers in Linguistics (2005)

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Reprinted in Lewisian Themes, Jackson and Priest, eds., Oxford University Press, pp. 49-67.


Under Contract:

The Ethics of Food (with Anne Barnhill and Tyler Doggett)

Under contract with Oxford University Press



Epistemic Modality, Oxford University Press. (with Brian Weatherson)


Philosophical Studies 136:1 – Selected papers from the 2006 Bellingham Summer Philosophy Conference. (with Karen Bennett and Tyler Doggett)

Presented Papers:

“Relativist Dispositional Theories of Value”

Princeton Workshop in Normative Philosophy, November 2012

“Three Grades of Self-Involvement: Self Locating Content in Thought and Language”

University of North Carolina, October 2012

CSMN Conference on the De Se, Oslo, Norway, June 2010

Keynote, Northern Illinois University Graduate Conference, November 2009

MITing of the Minds, MIT, January 2009

Auckland University, October 2006

University of Sydney, July 2006

“Why Lewis Wins the Lewis/Perry Fight”

Arché Workshop on the Philosophy of John Perry, University of St. Andrews, September 2012

“Billboards Revisited”

Arché Workshop on Billboard, Indexicals, Context and Interpreters, University of St Andrews, September 2012

“Epistemic Modals Again”

Keynote, PETAF Workshop on Modality, Stockholm, June 2012

University of Edinburgh, June 2012

Contextualism and Relativism Conference, Bonn, Germany, June 2011

Arché Contextualism & Relativism group meeting, Oslo, November 2010

“There’s Something Funny about Comedy: A Case Study in Faultless Disagreement”

Northern Institute of Philosophy Relativism Workshop, Aberdeen, June 2012

CUNY Cognitive Science, April 2011

Narrative of Aesthetics Conference, University of Kentucky, March 2011

“What are We Doing When We’re Doing Semantics?”

Arché Philosophical Research Centre, University of St. Andrews, May 2012

“Understanding Self-Locating Thought”

Rutgers University Center for Cognitive Science, October 2011

“Centering, Recentering, Multi-Centering”

Arché Philosophical Research Centre, University of St. Andrews, July 2011

“Two Euthyphro Questions in Semantics”

Epistemology of Philosophy Conference, Cologne, Germany, June 2011

University of Leeds, May 2011

Arché Propositions Workshop, Ardtornish, Scotland, May 2011

LOGOS Conference on Semantics, University of Barcelona, November 2010

University of Vermont, October 2010

“What Kind of Relativism is Right for You?”

Conference on Contextualism and Implicit Content, International Cultural Center of Cerisy-La-Salle, France, June 2011

University of Sydney, May 2008

“Relativism and Uptake-Based Semantics”

Arché Propositions Workshop, Ardtornish, Scotland, May 2011

“Why Ethics is All About Me”

CSMN Workshop on De Se content, Rio de Janiero, Brazil, March 2011

University of Glasgow, December 2010

University of Barcelona, November 2010

Metro Experimental Research Group, New York, November 2010

Brown University, April 2010

Tufts University, October 2009

University of California – Davis, May 2008

University of Notre Dame, September 2007

University of North Carolina, October 2006

University of Otago, September 2006

University of Queensland, September 2006

Australasian Association of Philosophy Annual Conference, July 2004

“Time Travel, Decision Theory, and Respect for the Actual”

Kline Workshop on causation, time, and decision, University of Missouri, September 2009

“Semantics, Communication and Disagreement”

Agreement and Disagreement Workshop, Center for the Study of Mind in Nature, Oslo, September 2009

“Decision Theory for Time Travelers”

Australasian Association of Philosophy Annual Conference, July 2009

Australian National University, June 2009

“Epistemic Modals Revisited”

Midwest Epistemology Workshop, University of Nebraska, October 2008

“Projectivism without Error”

SPAWN, August 2008

Australian National University, May 2008

“De Gustibus Non Disputandum Est (at Least, Not Always)”

Arizona Ontology Conference, January 2008

Online Philosophy Workshop, September 2007

Australian National University, February 2007

“Fiction and Emotion” (with Tyler Doggett)

APA Eastern Division Meeting, December 2008.

“Imagination, Delusion, and Self-Deception”

Rutgers University, October 2007

Monash University, April 2005

Australian National University, March 2005

Macquarie University Workshop on Delusion and Self-Deception, November 2004

Australian National University Workshop on Delusional Belief, November 2004

“Wanting Things You Don’t Want” (with Tyler Doggett)

Bellingham Summer Philosophy Conference, August 2007

“Akratic Action and the Divided Mind”

Sydney University Probability Conference, June 2007

“Billboards, Bombs, and Shotgun Weddings”

University of Wyoming, April 2007

University of Canterbury, New Zealand, September 2006

Australasian Association of Philosophy Annual Conference, July 2006

Australian National University, June 2006

“Seeing and Believing: Perception, Belief Formation, and the Divided Mind”

APA Pacific Division Meeting, April 2007

Victoria University of Wellington, September 2006

Australian National University, September 2006

“Looks Good from Here: Self-Locating Relativism in Aesthetics”

ASA Group Meeting, APA Pacific, April 2007

“Moral Uncertainties” (with Alan Hájek)

Russellian Society, University of Sydney, August 2006

Calvin College, November 2005

“Epistemic Modals are Weird”

ANU Conference on Epistemic Modality, June 2006

“Imagination, Desire, Affect and Action” (with Tyler Doggett)

Online Philosophy Conference, May 2006

“Relativism without Tears”

Workshop on Context and Content, Oslo, May 2006

University of Wisconsin, Madison, May 2006

APA Pacific Division Meeting, March 2006

Western Michigan University, February 2006

“Decision, Revision, and Self-Location”

ANU Probability Conference, March 2006

“Some Counterexamples to Causal Decision Theory”

Bowling Green State University, October 2005

Formal Epistemology Workshop, Austin TX, May 2005

Oxford University, February 2005

University of Pittsburgh, January 2005

Australian National University, September 2004

“I Can’t Believe I’m Stupid” (with Adam Elga)

Prague Conference on Dutch Books, August 2005

“Epistemic Modals, Relativism, and Assertion”

Bellingham Summer Philosophy Conference, August 2005

“Wacky, Wussy, and Respectable Relativism”

Australasian Association of Philosophy Annual Conference, July 2005

“Self-Locating Assertion and Sensible Relativism”

Australian National University, May 2005

“Appearance Properties?”

University of Arizona, February 2005

Cornell University, January 2005

University of Michigan, January 2005

“Pretense for the Complete Idiom”

University of Massachusetts, Amherst, January 2005

Australasian Association of Philosophy Annual Conference, July 2002

Australian National University, July 2002

“Self-Locating Assertion”

Australian National University, April 2004

Quasi-Realism and Fundamental Moral Error”

University of Sydney, April 2004

Auckland University, March 2004

LSU Ethics Symposium, February 2004

Australian National University, February 2004

“A Puzzle about Perception” (with James John)

APA Pacific Division Meeting, March 2004

Society for Philosophy and Psychology Annual Meeting, May 2003

“Second-Order Predication and the Metaphysics of Properties”

Bellingham Summer Philosophy Conference, August 2003

APA Pacific Division Meeting, March 2003

“Pranksters’ Ethics” (with Brian Weatherson)

APA Central Division Meeting, April 2003

LSU Ethics Symposium, March 2003

“Events and their Properties”

APA Central Division Meeting, April 2002

“How to Count Cats”

University of St. Andrews, January 2001

“A Contextualist Solution to the Problem of the Many”

Mid-South Philosophy Conference, March 1999

Presented Comments, etc.:

Comments on Jonathan Cohen, The Red and the Real

Pacific APA, San Diego, April 2011

Comments on Tamar Gendler, “Giving Notice: Attention, Perception and Bias”

Oberlin Colloquium in Philosophy, May 2010

Comments on Janice Dowell, “Flexible Contextualism about ‘Ought’ and Attitude Attributions”

Pacific APA, San Francisco, March 2010

Comments on Herman Cappelen and John Hawthorne, Relativism and Monadic Truth

Central APA, Chicago, February 2010

Comments on Elizabeth Harman, “ ‘I’ll be glad I did it’ Reasoning and the Significance of Future Desires”

Bellingham Summer Philosophy Conference, August 2009

Comments on Robert Eamon Briscoe, “Perceptual Properties and the Perceptual Priority of Depth”

Pacific APA, San Francisco CA, April 2008

Comments on Robert Stalnaker, “Conditional Propositions and Conditional Assertion”

Formal Epistemology Workshop, Berkeley CA, May 2006

Comments on Berit Brogaard, “Quantifying Over Cases”

APA Central Division Meeting, Chicago, April 2006

Comments on Susanna Siegel, “The Experience and Perception of Causation”

Arizona Ontology Conference, Tucson, January 2006


To the Profession:

Program Committee Chair, Bellingham Summer Philosophy Conference 2006.

Editorial Assistant for Robert Stalnaker, Ways a World Might Be, 2002-2003.

Department & University:


oConvenor, 2005 Seminar Series

University of Michigan

oJunior Search Committee

oGraduate Admissions

oUndergraduate Advisor 2006-2009


oSchool of Arts and Sciences Appointment & Promotion Committee, 2010-

oClimate committee, 2011-

oSAS Committee on Faculty Development, 2010-2011

oAdvisor, RU Philosophy Club 2010/11.

oGraduate Admissions Committee, 2009/10, 2010/11


Rutgers University

Graduate Seminar: What are we doing when we’re doing semantics?, Spring 2013

Philosophy of Language (upper level undergraduate), Spring 2013

Eating Right: The Ethics of Food Choices and Food Policy

Fall 2012

Fall 2011

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Spring 2010

The Metaphysics of Time Travel (upper-level undergraduate), Fall 2011

Graduate seminar: Metaethics, Spring 2011

Proseminar (with Barry Loewer), Fall 2009

Theory of Knowledge (introductory epistemology), Fall 2009

University of Michigan

Introduction to Philosophy (Honors)

oWinter 2009

oWinter 2006

oFall 2005

Freshman Seminar: The Ethics and Aesthetics of Food, Fall 2008

Knowledge and Reality (intermediate undergraduate M&E), Fall 2007

Freshman Seminar: Puzzles and Paradoxes, Fall 2007

Graduate Seminar: Relative Truth, Winter 2006

Proseminar (with James Joyce), Fall 2005

Western Washington University

Introduction to Logic, Fall 2003

Logical Thinking, Fall 2003

Harvard University:

Properties and Universals, sophomore tutorial, Spring 2003

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